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Large Fibroids in unusual Locations Removed Laparoscopically

Dubai, 4thMarch 2016: International Modern Hospital, part of Sunrise group of Hospitals & clinics accomplished yet another milestone.

Large fibroids were removed from extra-uterine locations laparoscopically for the first time in UAE by a team of Doctors at International Modern Hospital, from a 35 year old lady who underwent surgery for fibroids removal. During surgery multiple large 10- 15 cm sized fibroids were found arising in different locations other than the womb – a rare phenomenon.

Fibroids are usually benign tumors arising in the womb but in this patient there were only small fibroids in the uterus. A large tumour was arising from great vessels and was twisted on its pedicle; another was arising from under surface of liver and third was found engulfed by large intestine.
One of these fibroids was causing pressure on the patient’s ureter (the tubes that carry urine from kidney to urinary bladder) and causing back pressure changes in the kidney which can damage the kidney.The tumour arising from great vessels had undergone torsion and in due course of time if not removed could have caused excess pain or maybe torrential bleeding.

These fibroids were sharing its blood supply from the organ they were surrounded by and posed a surgical challenge for the doctors.
The patient successfully underwent Laparoscopic removal of all these fibroids at International Modern Hospital by a team of doctors comprising Dr Nikita TrehanSpecialist Obstetrics & Gynecology, Dr Preeti Tandon Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology and Dr Rohit Kumar Specialist General Surgeon / Head of the Surgery and Emergency Department. The patient did well postoperative and was discharged home the following day. There was minimal blood loss and also patient did not require much pain killer medication.

2 Removing large fibroids laparoscopically has many advantages such as minimal blood loss, minimal pain inflicted on the patient, shorter duration of hospital stay and less adhesions and bands of tissue that make organs stick to each other leading to pain and infertility.

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