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Pay your Medical Bill with Cryptocurrency at International Modern Hospital

International Modern Hospital (IMH), renowned for its exceptional healthcare services, has joined forces with HAYVN Pay to introduce a groundbreaking initiative that allows you to pay for your medical services using Cryptocurrencies. This partnership marks a significant leap forward in the healthcare industry, where cutting-edge technology intersects with world-class patient care.

About HAYVN Pay

HAYVN Pay is a regulated and compliant financial network that facilitates consumer, merchant and B2B transactions, including authorization, clearing and settlement. The platform equips merchants with the necessary crypto-payment tools to accept Cryptocurrency Payments from customers worldwide, both online and in-person.

Their advanced payment platform empowers patients at International Modern Hospital to leverage the power of Cryptocurrencies as an additional payment option. By offering this innovative solution, IMH is revolutionizing the traditional payment landscape and giving patients the freedom to choose how they settle their medical bills.

Together with HAYVN Pay, our goal is to empower patients to minimize their efforts in carrying out healthcare payments and improve the quality of services they receive.

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