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Dr. Meera T. Anto

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Specialist Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. Meera Thekekkara Anto is a highly skilled Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist with a wealth of experience in the field. She has honed her surgical and medical expertise in obstetrics and gynecology over the course of 10 years, developing exceptional skills in the management of a wide range of issues. Her meritorious background and consistent dedication to her goal of helping women make her an exceptional choice for women seeking specialized medical care.

Dr. Meera’s impressive experience is not limited to her work in Dubai. She has worked with numerous reputable hospitals and medical colleges in India, where she has been successful with a range of procedures and a vast variety of cases. Her diverse experience includes working with both rural and urban populations, allowing her to develop a wide range of skills and expertise. Dr. Meera’s impressive career has also included working at prestigious institutions such as the Christian Medical College, Vellore in India, which is one of the best medical institutes in the country. Her experience in these top-tier healthcare facilities has further honed her skills and expertise. In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Meera has also been a professor of gynecology, training and educating many students to become exceptional medical professionals. Her dedication to teaching and grooming future doctors is a testament to her leadership skills and commitment to the medical field. During her time as an assistant professor in India, she was actively involved in managerial and patient affairs, which helped her further develop her leadership skills. Dr. Meera’s ability to balance her clinical practice with academia has made her a well-rounded doctor with a vast pool of knowledge.

Dr. Meera’s expertise in Obstetrics and Gynecology extends to a wide range of areas, from normal to high-risk deliveries and antenatal and postnatal care to a diverse range of surgical procedures. She is experienced in handling large workloads and difficult cases, including cervical and ovarian cancers, cysts, tumors, and disorders of the female reproductive tract. Her expertise also extends to fertility and IVF, and she can conduct a fertility workup followed by infertility treatment and management. Dr. Meera’s skill set is not limited to these areas. She can provide all sorts of gynecological and obstetrical support, from contraceptive counseling to menopausal management. She is highly trained in minimally invasive surgery, a technique that allows for less scarring, less pain, and quicker recovery times. This expertise makes her an excellent choice for patients seeking surgical solutions to gynecological and obstetrical issues. Dr. Meera’s fellowship in cosmetic gynecology from Dubai and certification in minimally invasive surgery from India also make her highly skilled in the niche area of cosmetic gynecology. This area of specialization involves enhancement and reconstructive surgeries primarily for the vaginal structure, including labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, hymenoplasty, and clitoral hood reduction. Dr. Meera’s expertise in this area allows her to provide safe and effective solutions to patients seeking cosmetic gynecological procedures.

Overall, Dr. Meera Thekekkara Anto’s broad range of expertise, including her skills in minimally invasive surgery and cosmetic gynecology, make her an exceptional Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist in Dubai. Her dedication to patient care and her commitment to staying up to date with the latest medical advances make her a trusted choice for anyone seeking specialized medical care.

Dr. Meera has been practicing in Dubai for the past 5 years, where she has access to the latest medical equipment and technology in our facility. This enables her to provide her patients with the best possible care using the most advanced medical techniques. She works in close collaboration with a team of highly skilled nurses, anesthetists, technicians, and other medical professionals to ensure that her patients receive comprehensive and holistic care. Patients who seek her help can be confident that they are receiving the best possible care from a highly skilled and compassionate medical professional.

Spoken Languages:

English, Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada & Tamil

Types of Physician:

Full Time


  • MD, Higher Medical University, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

  • MS Obstetrics and Gynecology, A.J. Institute of Medical Sciences, Mangalore, India


  • Specialist Obstetrics and Gynecology, Modern Family Clinic, Dubai, UAE

  • Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology, Holy Family Medical Centre, Trichur, India

  • Asst. Professor, Mount Zion Medical College, Adoor, India

  • Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology, New Priyadarshini Hospital, Mysore, India

  • Visiting Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology, Mediwave IVF and Infertility Centre, Mysore, India

  • Senior Resident, CMC Medical College, Vellore, India

  • Senior Resident, J.S.S. Medical College, Mysore, India


  • Comprehensive gynecological workup

  • Normal deliveries

  • Instrumental deliveries (forceps and ventouse)

  • C-Sections

  • Antenatal management

  • High-risk patient management

  • Postpartum sterilization

  • Vaginal hysterectomies

  • Hysteroscopy

  • Laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy

  • Diagnostic laparoscopy

  • Endometrial sampling

  • Dilation and evacuation

  • Fractional curettage

  • IUCD insertion

  • Colposcopy procedures

  • Management of emergencies like eclampsia, post partum hemorrhage, ruptured ectopic pregnancies, obstetric shock

  • IVF and fertility consultation