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Dr. Anwar Kamel Oraby

Dr. Anwar Kamel Oraby is one of the most experienced and skilled Consultant General Surgeons in the region. His extensive education and specialized training in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries and Surgical Oncology make him a valuable asset in the medical community. He has completed his medical education from the Al Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt where he first finished his MBBCh in 1996 followed by a Master’s in General Surgery in 2002 and then an MD General Surgery in 2010 from the same institute. Dr. Anwar has also completed a Master’s Training in Lymphedema of the Arm Post Radical Mastectomy from the Al Azhar University Hospital, Cairo in 2002. He further diversified his skill base by completing training in evaluation of pelvic and para-aortic lymph nodes for ovarian carcinoma in 2008 from Al Azhar University Hospital.

Dr. Anwar’s impressive career as a Surgeon spans over 25 years including over 5 years in the UAE. His record of practice includes working at several prestigious facilities, such as Elnasr Speciality Hospital, Mokattam Hospital, Al Hady Hospital, and Dar El Salam Hospital, where he has undoubtedly made significant contributions to the field of surgery. Dr. Anwar’s simultaneous lectureship at Al Azhar University in Cairo as an Assistant Professor in General Surgery and Surgical Oncology highlights his passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge with others. As an experienced surgeon and academic, he has undoubtedly had a positive impact on the education and training of future generations of medical professionals. Dr. Anwar’s practice and lectureship record are a testament to his commitment to advancing the field of surgery, both through his work with patients and his contributions to medical education.

Dr. Anwar is an accomplished researcher and medical professional who has made significant contributions to the field of Oncology. His research and publications in the areas of Parathyroid Cancers, Pancreatic Cancers and Renal Cell Carcinoma demonstrate his expertise and dedication to advancing knowledge in the field. By frequently presenting his research and papers at conferences and medical conventions, he is actively sharing his findings and contributing to the ongoing conversation around these diseases. His participation in various symposiums and conferences, such as Arab Health, The Abu Dhabi Heamato-Oncology Summit, The Egyptian Society of Surgical Oncology and The Al Azhar Annual Surgical Oncology Meet, indicates his engagement with the larger medical community and his commitment to sharing his expertise with others. His membership in medical committees like the Alexandria Endoscopy Association, accredited by the American Association of Medical Education, and the Egyptian Society of Laparoscopy further demonstrates his dedication to professional development and the pursuit of excellence in his field.

Dr. Anwar’s expertise in procedures such as sleeve gastrectomy, mini gastric bypass, fundoplication, hernia repair, cholecystectomy, appendectomy, hysterectomy, and ovarian cystectomy, demonstrate his proficiency in performing complex surgeries with minimally invasive techniques. In addition to his expertise in laparoscopic procedures, Dr. Anwar’s skills extend to laser proctology, breast surgeries and endocrinal surgeries, showcasing his versatility and knowledge in multiple areas of medicine. He also efficiently deals with a wide range of medical concerns, including cases of fissures, fistulas, hemorrhoids, pilonidal sinus issues, sebaceous cysts, skin ulcers and many other malignant and benign abnormalities. At the International Modern Hospital, Dr. Anwar has access to advanced laparoscopic and laser technology, which enables him to provide his patients with the highest level of care and treatment with the utmost safety and precision.

Dr. Arun Shikaripur

Dr. Arun Shikaripur is a highly qualified Specialist Pediatrician with more than 15 years’ of comprehensive experience in all aspects of Pediatric and Neonatal care and management. He has done MBBS from the highly reputed Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore India in 2001. He has a Diploma in Child Health from the Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences, Hubli, India and a DNB in Pediatrics from the National Board of Examinations, New Delhi, India.

Dr. Arun is also Certified in Pediatric Nutrition from Boston University, USA. He obtained a Postgraduate Program in Pediatric Nutrition from the same institution, making his profile well rounded for any childcare needs.

Prior to relocating to the UAE, he had diligently worked extensively in India. His experience as an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Senior Resident at the P.E.S Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Kuppum, India has given him the practical “Know-How” of Pediatric Practice. In India, Dr. Arun has successfully handled difficult cases like poisoning, partial hanging, drowning, pediatric HIV, meningitis and hemiplegia among others. He has also been the Head of the Pediatrics Department at a premium healthcare facility in Dubai as a result of his medical competence and dedication to his practice. As part of his leadership role, Dr. Arun led a team of 10 Pediatrics Personnel from the time of launch of the hospital till his departure.

Dr. Arun has great interpersonal communication skills with parents and finds no difficulty in building a sense of safety and comfort for the child. He is not only a seasoned practitioner, but also considerate of his patients’ needs and wants. His goal to help sick infants, children and young adults is benefitted by his diverse and perfected skillset. His expertise encompasses areas like managing infants (both stable and unstable), management of asthma, treatment and prevention of all pediatric illnesses, nutrition management, counseling for the child and family, ventilator management, ICU care for children and infants and surgical procedures like lumbar puncture, liver biopsy, bone marrow aspiration, ascitic tap, pleural tap etc.

Dr. Arun is also certified to perform Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Pediatric & Neonatal Resuscitation.

Dr. Chandra Mohan Vipparthi

Dr. Chandra Mohan Vipparthi, with 13 years of experience, is one of the skilled Specialist General Surgeons in the region. His extensive education and specialized training in General surgery, HPB, Liver transplantation and GI surgery make him a valuable asset in the medical community. He has completed his medical education from the Andhra medical college, Visakhapatnam where he first finished his M.B.B.S in 2006 followed by a Masters in General Surgery in 2011.

Dr. Mohan has also completed a training in Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Institute and worked in in Surgical Oncology unit gaining experience in advanced Head and neck, Breast, Thyroid, Oral cavity and Gastrointestinal cancers in the year 2012.

Dr. Mohan’s impressive career as a Surgeon spans over 13 years working at several prestigious facilities, such as Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Fortis group of Hospitals, Marengo Asia group of Hospitals where he has made significant contributions to the field of surgery.

Dr. Mohan’s simultaneous lectureship at GITAM University in India as an Assistant Professor in General Surgery highlights his passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge with others.

Dr. Mohan has made significant contributions to the field of HPB and Liver Transplant surgery. His participation in various symposiums and conferences, such as LTSI, ASICON, ILTS, AMASICON indicates his engagement with the Hepatobiliary and Transplant surgeons throughout the world.

Dr. Mohan’s expertise in Laparoscopic procedures such as Niessen fundoplication, hernia repair, Cholecystectomy, appendectomy, hysterectomy, Ovarian cystectomy, Anterior resection, Colectomy demonstrate his proficiency and versatility in performing complex minimally invasive procedures.

Dr. Mohan advanced his career by doing Fellowship in Liver Transplant, GI and HPB surgery at prestigious institutes like Indraprastha Apollo and Fortis group of Hospitals and is well versed with precision surgeries of Liver, Gall bladder, Biliary tract and Pancreatic tumors.

Dr. Deepak Dube

Dr. Deepak Dube brings immense value as an experienced and well-established Internal Medicine Specialist with a strong focus on treating Diabetes and Hypertension. He obtained his MBBS from the prestigious NKP Salve Medical College, Nagpur, India in 1995, followed by an MD from the esteemed Government Medical College (GMC) of Nagpur, India in 2000. Dr. Deepak’s dedication to diabetes management is evident through his completion of a postgraduate thesis on this subject, showcasing his in-depth knowledge and expertise in this field. With over two decades of experience, he has accumulated extensive experience in managing a wide range of cases related to his field of practice, making him a trusted and reliable medical professional for patients seeking specialized care for diabetes and other medical conditions. Dr. Deepak has completed several certifications on Diabetes and its treatment: Diabetic training at TOTTAL Institute of Endocrinology, Indore, India and a Certification in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus at SDI in 2002, Nagpur, India.

His many years of practice at varied clinical settings has granted him a comprehensive understanding of symptoms, management and prevention of many conditions seen today. Some of the hospitals he has worked at in the past have premiere facilities like the Avanti Cardiology Institute in Nagpur, India. Along with practicing medicine, Dr. Deepak has also lectured, mentored and trained students and medical residents in India during his lectureship. From time to time, he has participated in Radio talks in Dubai and has on occasion taken a spot in the newspapers like Khaleej Times and Gulf News, educating the people of Dubai and other Emirates of everyday medical matters.

Many of his diabetic patients have successfully gained complete control over their illness and are leading normal lives upon adhering to the routine provided by him. His scope of service as an Internist extends to management of different infectious conditions, hypertension management, thyroid issues, pulmonary and bronchial conditions, non-specific aches and pains and a vast array of conditions requiring in-patient care or intensive care.

Dr. Deepak has been a part of International Modern Hospital since 2017 and has achieved perfect insight and expertise in common issues faced by our patients. Him and the adjoining departments and medical staff of nurses and anesthetists are capable in handling almost any scenario with ease.

Dr. Ehab Shehata

Dr. Ehab Shehata is the Orthopedic Surgeon and Consultant in Dubai with 3 decades of experience. He has an MD.PhD in Orthopedic Surgery in 2002 from the highly esteemed Regensburg University in Bayern, Germany. He finished his MBBCh with Honors in 1991 from reputed Tanta University, Egypt and has obtained his MCh in Orthopedic General Surgery in 1996 from the same university. He also has a clinical fellowship in Sports Medicine and Joint Arthroplasty from Regensburg, Germany between 2003 and 2005.

Dr. Ehab has skillfully practiced medicine in Egypt, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Dubai for the last 30 years which has availed him an unmatched knowledge and set of skills in Orthopedics. He also has specialized expertise in Sport Medicine, Complex Trauma, Pediatric Orthopedics and Total Joint Arthroplasty which makes him qualified to diagnose, manage and treat any orthopedic case.

Dr. Ehab has also served as a Professor of Joint Replacement & Pediatric Orthopedic Minimal Invasive-Arthroscopic, Trauma Surgery at the Regensburg University Hospital, Germany. He was also a Consultant of Orthopedic & Trauma Surgery, at the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Faculty of Medicine – Tanta University, Egypt.

Having dealt with more than 10,000 cases across the globe makes him one of our most experienced Consultant Surgeons and he takes great pride and joy in treating his patients. He maintains an impressive logbook record of more than 5000 Arthroplasty Operations, more than 2000 Major Operations from Germany and more than 1000 Fine Major Surgeries and Trauma Cases in Dubai within the last 5 years.

Dr. Ehab has actively displayed the brilliance of his skills and knowledge in more than 75 international Orthopedic Conferences and has taught many young doctors and surgeons the latest advances and the right skills to possess in the field of trauma and orthopedics.

Dr. Mahesh Vidhani

Exceptional Expertise and Academic Distinction

Dr. Mahesh Vidhani stands as a highly accomplished Orthopedic Surgeon, boasting over 20 years of dedicated practice and a stellar academic background. His journey commenced with an undergraduate degree in medicine from J.L.N Medical College, Ajmer, India in 1989, followed by a Masters in Orthopedic Surgery from S.M.S Medical College, Jaipur University of Rajasthan, India in 1992.

Continual Pursuit of Excellence

Dr. Mahesh’s commitment to excellence is further exemplified by his pursuit of advanced education and training. Notable milestones include an advanced course in Orthopedic Trauma from AO-ASIF, Switzerland in 1998 and a Fellowship from St. James University Hospital, Leeds, UK in 2000. These endeavors equip him with a comprehensive understanding of the latest techniques and technologies in orthopedic surgery.

Sought-After Practitioner in the UAE

Dr. Mahesh Vidhani’s illustrious career has left an indelible mark on numerous prominent healthcare facilities in the UAE and India. Renowned for his vast experience and stellar reputation in Orthopedics, he is the go-to practitioner for a diverse range of cases and conditions. His specialization in robotic knee and hip replacements, a cutting-edge field in orthopedic surgery, solidifies his status as a sought-after expert.

Expertise in Robotic Joint Replacements in Dubai

A standout feature of Dr. Mahesh’s practice is his expertise in robotic knee and hip replacements. Positioned at the forefront of this rapidly advancing field, he offers patients the latest and most advanced treatment options, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Holistic Care Across Diverse Specialties

Dr. Mahesh Vidhani’s expertise transcends joint arthroplasties. He excels in orthopedic trauma, sports injuries, knee arthroscopies, and the treatment of bone and soft tissue disorders. His diverse skill set extends to hand surgery, pediatric orthopedics, and the management of lumbar and spine conditions.

Personalized Care Tailored to Individual Needs

Having spent over two decades in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman, Dr. Mahesh possesses valuable insights into the unique health concerns and needs of the local population. This enables him to provide personalized care, tailored to each patient’s individual circumstances.

Commitment to Excellence and Meticulous Care

Dr. Mahesh’s approach to medicine reflects a deep commitment to providing structured and meticulous care. He believes these qualities are critical in Orthopedic practice, ensuring each patient receives the possible care.

Passion for Positive Impact and Patient Well-being.

Beyond his dedication to medical excellence, Dr. Mahesh finds happiness and personal growth in each case he encounters. His passion for making a positive impact on his patients’ lives and helping them achieve optimal health outcomes drives his unwavering commitment to their betterment.

In conclusion, Dr. Mahesh Vidhani  Orthopedic Surgeon in Dubai, offering a blend of expertise, experience, and personalized care that sets him apart in the field of Orthopedics in the UAE.

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Dr. Manoj Kumar

Dr. Manoj Kumar is a highly qualified and accomplished plastic surgeon with an impressive educational background and global board certifications.

Dr. Kumar completed his MBBS degree from India (Patna University, 1981), followed by MS in General Surgery (LN Mithila University – Darbhanga, 1986). He then discovered and pursued his passion for plastic surgery, obtaining an MCh in Plastic Surgery (Patna University, 1991).

With almost 30 years of long-standing experience in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Kumar has become a trusted name.

He has had a truly riveting journey in the field of plastic surgery through his diverse professional endeavours. He began his career as a Specialist Plastic Surgeon at King Faisal Hospital in Saudi Arabia, where he honed his skills in managing cleft lip, cleft palate, hypospadias and syndactyly toes, as well as major burn injuries. He continued to excel in the UK, working as a Specialist Registrar in Plastic Surgery at various reputable hospitals.

He spent around a decade in the UK as a Plastic Surgeon, where he went on to work with some of the leading institutions including St. Andrews’s Centre for Plastic Surgery – Chelmsford, Leicester Royal Infirmary – Leicester, Shotley Bridge Hospital and Royal Preston Hospital – Preston– to name a few.

He was awarded the Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS) in 1994 and has some outstanding credentials, including a Senior Fellowship in Aesthetic Surgery from Stamford Institute of Cosmetic Surgery, London, UK – which he received in the year 2000 before returning to his home country – India.

After his stint in the UK, he worked with several hospitals across the capital city like Apollo and Max Super Specialty Hospital, before opening his cosmetic clinic called ‘Aestheticare.

Over the years, he has ascertained his proficiency in several cosmetic surgery procedures including Facelift, Breast Augmentation/Reconstruction, Liposuction, Rhinoplasty, Abdominoplasty and Hair Transplant. Furthermore, he is also a very experienced Microvascular surgeon, undertaking substantial microvascular replants, digital replantations, lower limb reconstruction and free-flap surgeries, as extensive reconstruction is required after major tissue loss due to an injury or post Cancer surgeries.

With time he developed a keen interest in the field of Hair Transplant and that sparked his pursuit towards gaining knowledge and training with the latest technological advances in the field. He established himself as a well-known authority in the domain of Robotic Hair Transplant – using the SAFER technique – a relatively quick and minimally invasive method of transplanting. A connoisseur of sorts, he has conducted several workshops and presented papers at international conferences worldwide.

Dr Kumar’s practice also involves managing burn injuries, cleft lip, cleft palate, and various hand anomalies. With a focus on patient-centred care, he customizes treatments to suit individual needs, ensuring optimal outcomes.

In addition to his exceptional medical career, Dr. Manoj Kumar actively engages in research and professional development activities. He has contributed to several publications and presentations at prestigious medical conferences. Dr. Kumar remains committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with his peers, participating in postgraduate teaching and delivering lectures at various plastic surgery forums. He has also conducted workshops and given guest lectures on robotic hair transplant techniques, demonstrating his dedication to advancing the field.

In 2016, he moved to Dubai and has been associated with top hospitals including:
• Saudi German Hospital, Dubai
• Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery, Dubai
• Novomed, Dubai

Additionally, he is an accredited expert in the use of the sought-after J-plasma Skin Tightening Treatment employed post liposuction for high-definition results, as well as, for Abdominal Six-Pack Surgery.

Furthermore, he has pioneered the aesthetic use of Stem-Cell Therapy for facial and hair rejuvenation producing remarkable results. He conducted the first-ever workshop in Dubai partnering with Arthrex® SVF for harvesting stem cells from fat tissue

Time and again, his impeccable surgical excellence paired with the latest techniques has produced natural-looking and lasting results. Moreover, he possesses an unmissable altruistic streak, and his calming demeanour is bound to make anyone feel comfortable.

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Dr. Mamata Bothra

Dr. Mamata Bothra is a highly qualified and well-trained Pediatrician with more than 12 years of experience in Pediatric and Neonatal medicine. Her MBBS was completed in 2003 from the Sheth G.S. Medical & K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai, India. Following this, she has done a DCH in Pediatrics in 2008 from M.U.H.S. University, Mumbai, India and completing her M.D. in Pediatrics in 2010 from the University of Seychelles, Seychelles. She finished her education with a DNB in Pediatrics in 2012 from Dr L.H. Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai, India.

Dr. Mamata comes with an extensive experience in various multi-speciality hospitals across India and UAE, offering a wide spectrum of pediatric services from newborn to adolescent age.
Her expertise in Pediatrics and Neonatology encompasses all required skills and knowledge for management of normal babies, high risk babies and emergency procedures required after birth. Other important areas of expertise she possesses are managing high risk cases in neonatal intensive care, pediatric and neonatal advanced life support, venous catheterization, exchange transfusion, umbilical arterial, endotracheal intubation among others.

Dr. Mamata is a dedicated and compassionate practitioner with a goal to alleviate suffering in her patients. Paired with these personal qualities and intricate skills, she is one of the Pediatrics and Neonatologist in Dubai.

Dr. Mohamed Nabil Elhelbawy

Dr. Mohamed Nabil Elhelbawy is an experienced and skilled Specialist Urology. With over 20 years of experience, he is a well-recognized and acclaimed urologist in the UAE. He has finished his MBBCh in the faculty of medicine at the Menoufeiya University Hospital, Menoufeiya, Egypt in 2001. Following this he obtained an MSc in Urology in 2006 and a PhD in Urology in 2014 from the same facility in Egypt.

The two decades of experience Dr. Mohamed has obtained is spread across Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE. He has 6 years of experience in UAE at prestigious facilities like Al Salama Hospital in Abu Dhabi. Before Moving to the UAE, Dr. Mohamed has practiced at Al Zahraa General Hospital in Saudi Arabia, Menoufeiya University Hospital, Egypt and Nile International Hospital in Egypt.

Dr. Mohamed possesses a diverse set of skills that can address a vast range of urological conditions. He is efficient in performing all diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures, interventional ultrasounds & fluoroscopies. His expertise covers the use of surgical procedures to address urological issues and issues with male fertility and sexual disorders. The key areas of expertise for him are management of bladder and prostate tumors, prostate cancers, hernia repairs, prostate surgeries, and genital and urinary congenital anomalies.

Dr. Mohamed is also active in delivering presentations and conference speeches on the various issues in Urology. Additionally, he has published 2 scholarly works to global acclaim. He is a member of multiple associations like the Egyptian Urological Association and the European Association of Urology (EAU).

Dr. Madhujith Padinharakara

Dr. Madhujith Padinharakara is an esteemed member of our exceptional team of Radiologists within the distinguished department of radio-diagnosis at International Modern Hospital. His academic background includes the successful completion of his MBBS degree in 2005 from the prestigious Universal College of Medical Sciences in Nepal in 2005. He further pursued his MD in Radio Diagnosis at the renowned Kasturba Medical College in Karnataka, India, graduating in 2010. To enhance his qualifications and broaden his horizons, Dr. Madhujith has also acquired the esteemed European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR) and accomplished the Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists (FRCR) in the United Kingdom..

With over 10 years of invaluable experience, Dr. Madhujith brings a wealth of expertise to his role as a Radiologist. Renowned for his precision, technical prowess, and efficient approach, he consistently delivers exceptional results in his practice. Dr. Madhujith has honed his skills through significant professional engagements, including serving as a specialist Radiologist at esteemed institutions such as the National Hospital in Calicut, India and the PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, India. These experiences have exposed him to substantial workloads, enabling him to adeptly handle a wide array of radiological procedures across various medical specialties.

In conjunction with our cutting-edge facilities and advanced technology at our hospital, Dr. Madhujith provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging services to address diverse medical needs. With a focus on delivering accurate and precise results, he utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and novel technology to offer an extensive array of radiological procedures.

Our hospital is equipped with the latest advancements in diagnostic imaging, enabling Dr. Madhujith to provide a wide range of services. These include sonology, doppler imaging, CT scans, MDCT scans, CT angiography, colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, MRIs, X-rays and more. This comprehensive suite of diagnostic capabilities covers various parts of the body, ensuring that we can effectively cater to all our patients’ radiology needs.

Dr. Medhat Faris

Dr. Medhat Faris stands as a distinguished Consultant Oncologist, embodying a remarkable legacy of excellence in the dynamic realm of Medical Oncology. With an impressive trajectory that spans decades, his unwavering commitment to advancing the field is evident through his extensive experience and profound expertise. Earning his medical qualifications, an MBBCh, from the esteemed Faculty of Medicine at Assiut University, Egypt, in 1988, he embarked on a journey of relentless pursuit of knowledge and proficiency. This journey led him to attain an MSc in Clinical Oncology from Assiut University, Egypt, a significant achievement that solidified his foundation in the intricacies of cancer care and treatment strategies. His pursuit of excellence reached new heights as he completed his MD in Oncology from Assiut University, Egypt, in 1999. Further enriching his academic and practical prowess, he earned a prestigious Diploma in Medical Oncology and Radiation Therapy from The Royal College of Radiologists in London, UK, an accomplishment that not only expanded his horizons but also demonstrated his global engagement in advancing cancer care. Moreover, Dr. Medhat has been recognized and certified by the esteemed European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) in Geneva, Switzerland, an accolade that underlines his international recognition and contributions to the field.

Throughout his career, Dr. Medhat has etched a profound impact on the medical community through his contributions. A pinnacle of leadership, he assumed the role of Chairman of the Adult Medical Oncology Department, orchestrating a transformative era of progress. Under his visionary guidance, sub-specialization flourished, giving rise to dedicated clinics such as the breast clinic and colorectal clinic. He spearheaded the development of comprehensive cancer treatment guidelines, a testament to his dedication to standardizing and enhancing the quality of care. His dynamic engagement extended to the meticulous review and refinement of chemotherapy treatment protocols, attesting to his unrelenting pursuit of cutting-edge therapeutic advancements for the betterment of patients. He also championed audits and lean projects within his department, embodying a commitment to continuous improvement and streamlined processes.

Dr. Medhat has extensive clinical trial experience and has been involved in numerous international trials, contributing to the development of oncology treatment protocols and research. With extensive experience in treating various types of cancer, including breast cancer, lung cancer, and colorectal cancer, he offers personalized and evidence-based care to his patients. His commitment to continuous education and active participation in prestigious medical societies, such as The Royal College of Radiologists, The Royal College of Physicians, ESMO, ASCO, and the European Society of Breast Cancer Specialists, ensures that he stays updated with the latest advancements in Oncology.

Apart from his outstanding medical career, Dr. Medhat has also been recognized for his contributions to cancer research and the improvement of oncology services. He received awards from HH the Prince of Eastern Provence, KSA, for Cancer Research and Early Detection of Breast Cancer. He has authored numerous publications in reputable journals, and he has participated in various conferences and symposiums, both as a speaker and attendee. Beyond his professional endeavors, Dr. Medhat is actively involved in community activities and raising awareness about cancer. He has organized breast cancer awareness campaigns, lung cancer awareness programs, and educational initiatives for patients and their families. His dedication to cancer research, patient care, and community engagement has made him a respected and influential figure in the field of Oncology.

Dr. Pranjali Singh

Dr. Pranjali Singh is an exceptional veteran in Obstetrics and Gynecology and renowned Gynecologic Laparoscopic Surgeon. With more than 15 years of experience, she is one of our most established and prodigal doctors.

Dr. Pranjali finished her MBBS from the esteemed Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India in 2005, following her MS in Obstetrics and Gynecology from the prestigious Byramjee Jeejabhoy Medical College, Ahmedabad, India in 2010. She further pursued DNB in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2013.

Following her passion in this field, Dr. Pranjali underwent vigorous training in minimally access gynecological surgery and successfully obtained her Diploma in “Advanced Minimal Access Surgery’ from Sunrise Hospital, India. She has further enhanced her clinical acumen and laparoscopic operative skill by obtaining her fellowship in Minimally Access Surgery at World Laparoscopy Hospital, New Delhi, India.

Dr. Pranjali has practiced in various luminary medical institutes in India such as the B.J. Medical College in Ahmedabad; District Women Hospital in Dehradun; Queen Mary Hospital and Era’s Lucknow Medical Hospital in Lucknow.

Dr. Pranjali has attended numerous workshops, conferences and has affiliations with various medical organizations and communities. Her medical expertise is diverse ranging from providing basic life support to carrying complex procedures. Vaginal deliveries, C-Sections, hysterectomies are all examples of her vast skillset.

Dr. Pranjali believes that each woman deserves the opportunity to have a natural childbirth experience and always encourages natural birth. For this very reason and her caring nature, she is liked by all her patients.

Dr. Rohit Kumar

Dr. Rohit Kumar is the Medical Director of  International Modern Hospital and one of our most dynamic and experienced Indian and Russian Speaking General Surgeon in Dubai.

He has gathered his diverse skillset from various places across the globe like India and Kazakhstan, where he finished his primary medical education; France, Japan & Greece, all places where he has received speciality trainings in surgery.

Dr. Rohit obtained his MD from the Kazakh State Medical University in Almaty, Kazakhstan in the year 2000. He then completed MS in General Surgery from the Army Hospital and Research Centre of New Delhi, India in 2003.

Dr. Rohit has done numerous fellowships and certifications in different procedural trainings in general surgery. He has completed a Fellowship in Minimal Access & Bariatric Surgery (FMABS) in 2008 from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, India; A Fellowship with the International Associations of Surgical Gastroenterology & Oncology (FIASGO), Greece in 2010 and a Fellowship in Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Surgery (FHBS) in 2011 from the Chiba Medical University of Tokyo, Japan. These fellowships have granted him additional knowledge and expertise in general surgery. Dr. Rohit has completed a diploma in Interventional Endoscopy from the European Institute of Telesurgery, Strasbourg, France and a Laser Surgery Course from Sharjah University, UAE in 2016.

Dr. Rohit has had over 20 years of clinical experience at various premium facilities in India and UAE; some of which are known healthcare names like the Max Super Speciality Hospital in New Delhi, India and Artemis Hospital in Gurugram, India. He is accustomed to handling large workloads and busy schedules while maintaining the niche standard of healthcare for his patients. He has also headed the department of general surgery in major hospitals in the UAE.

Among the wide array of surgical procedures he is efficient in, Bariatric Surgeries and Hernia Repairs are his key areas of expertise. He has undergone super specialty training in minimal access surgery which can be applied for treatment of various kinds of hernias, hemorrhoids, tumors, cysts, fistulas, bladder stones & appendicitis among others. He specializes in the use of surgical lasers for correction of hernias, hemorrhoids, varicose veins and spider veins. Procedures carried out using lasers ensure a far safer and faster procedure, and quicker recovery for the patient. Laparoscopic procedures for various parts of the body are another area that Dr. Rohit has mastered over the years and are a part of minimally invasive approach. He is one of the leading surgeons in bariatrics and hernia repair and also gastrointestinal procedures in Dubai. Dr. Rohit has helped numerous dignitaries and people from all cultural backgrounds and has a successful track record with his patients.

Dr. Rohit Kumar stands out as the general surgeon in Dubai, renowned for his excellence in the field. Fluent in Russian, his expertise is not only recognized for surgical prowess but also for his ability to communicate effectively with a diverse range of patients.

Dr. Rajiv Singla

Dr. Rajiv Singla stands out as a respected Specialist Dermatologist, recognized for his exceptional proficiency in a wide spectrum of dermatological and cosmetology disciplines. Earning his MBBS degree from the esteemed Dayanand Medical College and Hospital in Ludhiana, Punjab, India in 1992, he established a strong foundation for his medical pursuits. His insatiable thirst for knowledge led him to undertake a Post Graduation in Dermatology at the prestigious Government Medical College and Rajindra Hospital in Patiala, Punjab, India, further honing his skills and expertise in the field. In 2009 and 2010, he embarked on a journey to Dubai, UAE, where he completed a Diploma in Fillers Course and an American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) Course in Aesthetic Medicine.

With a career that spans prestigious institutions both nationally and internationally, Dr. Rajiv has consistently demonstrated his exceptional skills and unwavering dedication to the well-being of his patients. During his tenure as a Specialist Dermatologist and Assistant Head of Department at a prominent hospital in Ajman, UAE, his impact was profound. His expertise not only contributed to the institution’s success but also played a pivotal role in the hospital being honored with the coveted Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA). Furthermore, his influence extended to various medical centers, where he assumed the role of a Specialist Dermatologist. Here, he skillfully managed consultations, and administered a range of procedures including chemical peeling, electrical cautery, and laser treatments, showcasing his versatility and mastery over a diverse set of dermatological techniques.

Dr. Rajiv’s clinical expertise includes a vast spectrum of dermatological conditions, setting him apart as a true authority in the field. His extensive experience in cosmetology, particularly his specialization in mesotherapy and proficiency in utilizing a diverse range of lasers, including Nd-Yag, diode, and Fraxel lasers, underscores his commitment to delivering comprehensive aesthetic solutions. In the realm of medical dermatology, Dr. Rajiv’s prowess shines brightly, particularly when navigating intricate cases. His remarkable proficiency in managing complex conditions such as psoriasis, acne, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE), and atopic dermatitis stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication to patient well-being. He goes beyond the surface, delving into the intricacies of each case to design tailored treatment regimens that not only alleviate symptoms but also promote lasting improvements in his patients’ quality of life. His intellectual curiosity and relentless pursuit of knowledge are evident in his in-depth understanding of the latest advancements in pathogenesis, histopathology, and treatment modalities for various skin ailments. This positions him at the forefront of dermatological innovation, enabling him to offer cutting-edge therapies and pioneering solutions to his patients.

Dr. Rajiv emerges as a true thought leader in the realm of dermatology, seamlessly integrating his expertise with a tireless pursuit of knowledge and growth. His proactive engagement in a diverse array of conferences, workshops, and Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of advancements in the field. By immersing himself in these immersive learning experiences, he consistently harnesses the power of the latest developments to enrich his practice and elevate patient care. His active involvement in national conferences, where he has presented research papers, showcases his role as a catalyst for change and innovation. Serving as an Adjunct Clinical Lecturer, he provides a dynamic bridge between academia and real-world practice, nurturing the next generation of medical minds. His steadfast commitment to guiding and mentoring medical students and undergraduates solidifies his position as a beacon of knowledge and inspiration.

Dr. Renuka Ramasamy

Dr. Renuka Ramasamy’s expertise and dedication in the field of Family Medicine make her a highly respected and sought-after specialist in Dubai. With over 10 years of clinical experience, she has honed her skills in providing comprehensive family medicine care, catering to both pediatric and adult cases for individuals of all genders. Her academic achievements are commendable, having earned her MBBS degree from The University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, in 2010, and later obtaining a Diploma in Child Health (DCH) from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, in 2014. She has successfully completed the MRCGP exam from the UK and to further enhance her ability to provide top-notch medical care, Dr. Renuka has obtained certifications in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Ad-vanced Life Support and Basic Life Support from the American Heart Association.

Dr. Renuka Ramasamy’s diverse experience at various facilities in Sri Lanka and UAE has provided her with a unique and valuable multi-disciplinary skillset. Her time as a GP in Pediatrics at the Horana Base Hospital has given her ex-tensive exposure to a wide range of pediatric illnesses and emergencies, sharpening her diagnostic abilities.
Moreover, her work as a General Practitioner in General Surgery and Obstetrics and Gynecology demonstrates her versatility and adaptability as a Family Medicine Specialist. This broad exposure to different medical fields allows her to approach patient care from a holistic perspective, considering the interconnectedness of various health issues and tailoring treatment plans accordingly. Additionally, Dr. Renuka’s certification in Trauma Management by the International Association for Trauma Surgery and Intensive Care is a testament to her commitment to handling criti-cal situations and emergency cases with utmost proficiency.

Dr. Renuka’s expertise spans across different age groups, from pediatrics to adults, and covers various medical fields, including Obstetrics and Gynecology. In emergency cases, where immediate and critical interventions are required, her experience in trauma management ensures that patients receive timely and effective treatment. Her ability to handle emergency situations with proficiency and care can make a crucial difference in ensuring positive patient outcomes. From acute bacterial, viral or fungal infections to poisonings, toxicities and deficiencies, she can accurately diagnose and treat a wide array of ailments. Even common complaints such as minor headaches, body aches or flu are well within her expertise to manage effectively. On the other end of the spectrum, Dr. Renuka is also well-versed in managing chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes, migraines, asthma, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, among others.

Dr. Renuka Ramasamy’s dedication to providing the advanced possible care for her patients is evident in her proactive approach to staying updated on the latest medical practices and trends. She is an active member of several es-teemed medical associations both locally and internationally. Her affiliations with organizations such as the Royal College of General Practitioners UK (RCGP), World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA Europe), Emirates Family Medicine Society and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) demonstrate her involvement in the glob-al medical community.

Dr. Reena Riza De Guzman

Dr. Reena Riza De Guzman is an accomplished Obstetrician-Gynecologist with extensive experience from her practice in the Philippines. She earned her MD from the University of East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City in 2011. She also obtained a Diplomate & Fellowship in Obstetrics and Gynecology from the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society (POGS).

Dr. Reena is a highly motivated and driven practitioner, dedicated to providing quality medical care to her patients. Her experience spans both rural and urban settings, making her adept at managing a wide range of gynecological issues and procedures. She has practiced in prominent healthcare centers and hospitals, including Romblon District Hospital, Cuyo District Hospital, Batangas Medical Centre, and Rizal Provincial Hospitals System.

Affiliated with key gynecological societies and communities such as the Batangas Medical Society, POGS, and the Philippine Medical Association, Dr. Reena is well-connected within her professional community. She has mentored numerous resident doctors and has a thorough understanding of gynecological practice and procedures.

Dr. Reena’s expertise includes high-risk admissions, normal and cesarean deliveries, and comprehensive medical management during and after pregnancy. Her knowledge and skills are modern, advanced, and efficient, enabling her to provide exceptional care to her patients.

Dr. Saad Elabbasy

Dr. Saad Elabbasy is a exceptionally skilled and accomplished healthcare practitioner with over 20 years of experience in the medical field. With a strong educational foundation, he obtained his MBBch from Alexandria University, Egypt in 1996, demonstrating his commitment to learning and acquiring the necessary skills to provide exceptional patient care. To further enhance his expertise, he pursued a Master’s degree in Critical Care Medicine, which he successfully completed in 2002 from the same university.

Dr. Saad’s expertise extends beyond his specialized knowledge in critical care medicine. He possesses exceptional proficiency in managing patients who require both basic and advanced life support, intensive monitoring, and medical transportation. His comprehensive understanding of medicine and the human body enables him to provide holistic care and address diverse patient needs. In addition to his specialized training, Dr. Saad Elabbasy demonstrates a profound knowledge of various medical disciplines. His deep understanding of pharmacology allows him to make informed decisions regarding medication administration and ensure optimal treatment outcomes. His extensive knowledge of human physiology empowers him to comprehend the intricacies of the body’s systems and their interconnections, facilitating accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plans. His wide-ranging expertise encompasses crucial areas such as the cardiovascular system, renal system, body fluids, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, thermoregulation, immunology, obstetrics, and the gastrointestinal system.

Dr. Saad Elabbasy’s career has been enriched by his extensive work experience across multiple prestigious medical institutes in Egypt and Yemen. His professional journey has provided him with a diverse range of clinical settings, exposing him to a wide variety of cases and emergency situations that demand intensive care. During his tenure at Victoria Hospital in Alexandria, Dr. Saad had the opportunity to care for patients from various backgrounds and with differing medical conditions. This experience enhanced his ability to adapt to unique cases, fostering a versatile approach to patient care. Additionally, his valuable contributions at Al-Ahly Alexandria and Al-Thawra Modern General Hospital in Yemen have further honed his expertise in critical care medicine. Working in different healthcare systems and environments has expanded his understanding of cultural nuances, medical practices, and resource management, enabling him to provide high-quality care in diverse settings.

Dr. Saad expertise extends to various advanced procedures and interventions, enabling him to provide comprehensive care to his patients. He is highly proficient in the insertion of central venous catheters (CVC), pacemakers and intra-aortic balloon pumps (IABP). These procedures are critical in managing patients who require advanced cardiovascular support. In addition, he is skilled in providing organ support, including but not limited to hemodynamic monitoring and renal therapy. His ability to assess and manage complex organ dysfunction plays a vital role in stabilizing critically ill patients and promoting their recovery. Dr. Saad is well-versed in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques and possesses the expertise to initiate and lead resuscitation efforts in emergency situations. Airway management is another area of his expertise. He is skilled in various techniques, such as endotracheal intubation and the use of advanced airway devices, ensuring effective oxygenation and ventilation in critically ill patients. He is also experienced in mechanical ventilation, a vital intervention for patients with respiratory failure. Dr. Saad has the capability to oversee and interpret diagnostic procedures such as echocardiography, endoscopy, and biopsies. This skill set allows him to gather essential diagnostic information and guide appropriate treatment plans for his patients.

Ms. Swapna Mary John

Ms. Swapna Mary John’s dedication to her field and her pursuit of academic excellence have truly set her apart as a Clinical Dietitian. Her master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics from PSG College of Arts & Science in Coimbatore, India, demonstrates her commitment to honing her skills and knowledge in the realm of nutrition and health. By completing her education in 2013, she has been able to stay at the forefront of advancements in the field, ensuring that she provides the most up-to-date and effective medical nutrition therapy to her patients. In addition to her impressive educational background, Ms. Swapna also earned a bachelor’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics from Alphonsa College in Kottayam, India in 2011. Ms. Her vast knowledge and expertise in areas such as nutritional counseling, weight management, and health education allow her to offer comprehensive and personalized guidance to her clients.

Ms. Swapna’s extensive experience as a Clinical Dietitian spanning nearly a decade showcases her expertise and proficiency in the field. Currently associated with International Modern Hospital, she has been instrumental in providing exceptional nutrition services to both in-patients and out-patients. As part of her responsibilities at the hospital, Ms. Swapna conducts thorough nutritional assessments and screenings, ensuring that each patient receives tailored and evidence-based meal plans. Beyond her direct patient care, she takes an active role in imparting nutritional education to patients, healthcare professionals and catering staff. By educating various stakeholders, she not only promotes positive health outcomes for patients but also creates a ripple effect of awareness and improved practices within the healthcare facility. Prior to her current role, Ms. Swapna’s exceptional talent was recognized at Fortis Hospital, a globally renowned healthcare institution. Her specialization in nutritional interventions for pediatric acute and chronic cases, metabolic disorders and food allergies reflects her versatility and proficiency in addressing a wide range of health challenges.

Ms. Swapna’s competencies encompass a wide spectrum, including pediatric nutrition, making her adept at addressing the unique dietary needs of children and adolescents. Her specialized knowledge in nutritional interventions for acute and chronic conditions showcases her ability to manage complex medical cases and support patients in their journey to recovery. Her proficiency in dietary management for metabolic disorders and congenital heart diseases highlights her capacity to design nutrition plans tailored to specific medical conditions, promoting better health outcomes and improved quality of life for her patients with these conditions. An essential aspect of Ms. Swapna’s expertise is her thorough understanding of infection prevention and control policies. Her familiarity with CDC guidelines ensures that she adheres to best practices, maintaining a safe and hygienic environment for patients and healthcare professionals alike. Her experience in Joint Commission International (JCI) and The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) accredited hospitals further reinforces her commitment to maintaining high standards of care and patient safety. Her excellence in evaluating and modifying diets based on patients’ medical history and fitness levels allows her to create customized nutrition plans that are not only effective but also sustainable for individual patients. This personalized approach takes into account the unique needs and goals of each person she works with, ensuring a holistic and patient-centric approach to nutrition management. Her expertise also extends to catering to vulnerable patients, demonstrating her compassionate nature and commitment to providing inclusive care. By developing optimal nutrition plans for such individuals, she helps them achieve better health and overall well-being.

Ms. Swapna Mary John’s dedication to excellence extends beyond her clinical work, as evidenced by her active involvement in research and professional development activities. By attending training programs on infection prevention, clinical nutrition and health education, Ms. Swapna ensures that she remains well-informed about the latest best practices and guidelines. Her commitment to community engagement is commendable, as she recognizes the importance of promoting health and well-being beyond the confines of the clinical setting. By delivering nutrition talks, participating in medical camps and engaging in patient care plan meetings, she actively contributes to empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health and nutrition. Her involvement in health fairs, group discussions with cancer patients/survivors and diabetes management classes demonstrates her compassion and desire to make a positive impact on the lives of people facing specific health challenges. By actively engaging with the community, Ms. Swapna goes above and beyond in her role as a Clinical Dietitian, fostering a supportive and empathetic environment for patients and their families.

Dr. Shaju George

Dr. Shaju is one of Dubai’s Psychiatrists with almost 20 years of practice. He is exceptional in managing any mental health concern as his primary objective is always the wellbeing of his patients. Dr. Shaju has done his MBBS in 1997 from the government medical college of Calicut University, Trichur, India. Following undergraduate medicine, he has finished an MD and DPM from Kerala University’s government medical college, Kerala, India in 2004. Amongst his exceptional credentials is also a specialization in Aviation Medicine, a much less practiced science, making him one of the very few people to offer the speciality.

He has a vast body of experience in various institutions in India like the Louise Mount Hospital in Kerala, Lourdes Hospital, Kerala and with his own private practice in India. In the UAE, Dr. Shaju has worked with NMC, Medeor Hospital, Dubai and finally with our reputed facility in Dubai. He has extensive experience with psychiatric wards, managing psychotic and mood disorder patients as well with ease. Besides psychiatric practice and therapeutic practice, Dr. Shaju has also been the Unit Chief of Psychiatry, managing a team of psychologists, mental health nurses, spiritual counsellors, social workers and emergency staff for mental disorders as well as training new doctors under his wing.

Dr. Shaju is not only an effective psychiatrist but also a well-established academician with numerous publications and regular appearances behind the mic at conferences and even on the radio. His passion for psychology and medicine works exceptionally well for our patients as he is also highly empathetic and understands what his patients truly feel. His approach with medication is always tailored exactly to the needs of the patient in consideration as he follows a gradual and conservative pharmacotherapy plan.

Dr. Shaju is proficient in Child and Adult psychiatry for all ages and genders. His area of expertise extends from typical psychiatric evaluations and pharmacotherapy to performing therapeutic models like CBT and all different approaches of psychological interventions for mental illnesses. Among the multitude of disorders and ailments he can treat are depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, autism, ADHD, panic disorders, personality disorders, and eating disorders to name a few.

A goal to treat all suffering and add quality of academic excellence to the field has always kept him motivated. His outstanding communication skills and ability to connect with the patient has led to success with testimonials and google reviews from patients who have come out of their mental health problems.

Dr. Shameer Hameed

Dr. Shameer Hameed stands out as a prominent Urologist, renowned for his extensive expertise and 20 years of invaluable clinical experience in India and the UAE. He earned his MBBS degree from Sri Devaraj Medical College, Kolar, India, in 1995, which laid the foundation for his medical career. Subsequently, Dr. Shameer completed MS in General Surgery from Coimbatore Medical College, Coimbatore, in 2000, honing his surgical skills. To further specialize in his area of interest, he pursued MCh in Genito Urinary Surgery at the prestigious Thiruvananthapuram Government Medical College, India, in 2004, equipping himself with advanced knowledge and expertise in urological procedures. Not content with just domestic education, Dr. Shameer expanded his horizons internationally by undertaking a training program in Laparoscopic Surgery from Strasbourg, France, in 2012. This international exposure allowed him to adopt cutting-edge techniques and stay at the forefront of surgical advancements. Acknowledging the importance of holistic care and sexual medicine, he successfully completed a Fellowship Program at the esteemed European Committee of Sexual Medicine (ECSM) in 2014.

Dr. Shameer’s illustrious career has been enriched by his tenure at prestigious multi-specialty hospitals, with Lourdes Hospital in Kochi, India, standing out as a significant milestone in his journey. During his time as a Senior Consultant and Head of the Urology Department at Lourdes Hospital, he played a pivotal role in delivering exceptional care to countless patients, earning him the respect and admiration of his peers and patients alike. Beyond his clinical contributions, he has also dedicated himself to education, sharing his vast knowledge and experience with the next generation of medical professionals. Dr. Shameer has actively sought specialized training in various areas, including laparoscopic procedures and robotic surgery. This ongoing pursuit of knowledge has allowed him to harness the full potential of minimally invasive techniques, leading to improved patient outcomes and quicker recoveries. Recognizing the importance of comprehensive care for all patients, he has also undergone training in female urology. Moreover, Dr. Shameer’s commitment to excellence extends even beyond the confines of traditional medicine. He has received specialized training in aeromedical urology, an area that deals with the unique challenges of urological conditions in aviation and aerospace settings.

Throughout his career, Dr. Shameer has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in the field of urology, with a particular focus on renal stones and endoscopic interventions. His mastery of various urological and endourological procedures positions him as a go-to expert for minimally invasive interventions, particularly in cases involving kidney stones, ureteral strictures and prostate enlargement. Beyond these procedures, his proficiency extends to a diverse range of urological interventions, ensuring that patients receive tailored and effective treatments for their specific needs. Whether it’s prostate surgery, such as transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), laser ablation or open prostatectomy; bladder surgery for tumor treatment, urinary incontinence and bladder stones, he brings a wealth of experience to the operating room. Moreover, his expertise in urinary tract reconstruction is vital for patients with congenital abnormalities, injuries, or strictures, as he can provide innovative solutions to restore proper urinary function and quality of life. Dr. Shameer’s commitment to delivering exceptional care extends to endoscopic procedures for kidney stones and bladder disorders, allowing him to address these conditions with precision and efficiency. His repertoire also encompasses genitourinary cancer surgeries, including nephrectomy, prostatectomy and testicular cancer surgeries. In addition to his clinical expertise, he actively contributes to medical administration, showcasing his leadership and organizational abilities. With extensive experience in patient management, pre-operative and post-operative care, he ensures a seamless and holistic patient journey.

Dr. Shameer is also a passionate academician, actively contributing to the global knowledge base in urological medicine. His dedication to research and academic pursuits is evident through multiple globally recognized publications, showcasing his in-depth understanding of complex urological issues and innovative solutions. Patients can take comfort in knowing that their urological care is guided by a practitioner who stays at the forefront of medical advancements and continually seeks to improve patient outcomes through evidence-based practices.

Dr. Thomas Varghese

Dr. Thomas Varghese is a Specialist Endodontics & General Dentist and a pioneering CEREC Specialist with an extraordinary track record of over 20 years in endodontics. He completed his Bachelors (BDS) and master’s (MDS) in Endodontics from the prestigious MAHE University in 1998 following which he began practice in Dubai where he was the first to incorporate the famed CEREC CAD/CAM system into his dental practice in the MENA region. He was also one of the earliest adopters of Rotary Endodontics and Lasers In dentistry.

As a Specialist Endodontist, Dr. Thomas is a staunch believer and practitioner of painless dentistry as he understands the fears and apprehensions of his patients during otherwise painful procedures such as root canals and extractions. With the aid of painless anesthetic methods, he has mastered the art of consistently delivering a painless clinical experience for each of his patients.

His state-of-the-art CEREC CAD/CAM system mills ceramic restorations like crowns, veneers, and bridges in just a single – appointment. The primary advantage of the CEREC system is the precision and speed by which it uses computer-aided design to manufacture ceramic restorations in a single appointment without the need for messy impressions. Besides his niche expertise in CEREC, Dr. Thomas also uses LASER technology to perform painless soft tissue procedures such as gingivoplasty and operculectomy, just to name a few. Lasers enable soft tissue surgeries to be performed in a bloodless field, facilitating a rapid recovery rate. Dr. Thomas also offers routine dental checks and treatment for a vast array of dental issues including cavities, gum diseases as well as alignment issues.

Dr. Thomas has been a revolutionary practitioner of dentistry in the Middle East, playing a pivotal role in the popularization of the CEREC system in the region. He was previously responsible for establishing the Dental Department at Belhoul Speciality Hospital, Dubai, where he headed the department for over 20 years.

Dr. Ehsan Yaghoubi

Dr. Ehsan Yaghoubi stands as an exemplary figure in the field of Neurology, with over 15 years of hands-on experience. He earned his MD from the prestigious Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in 2005, where he laid the foundation for his remarkable career. Driven by an insatiable curiosity for the intricacies of the human nervous system, he delved deeper into his passion and achieved the milestone of a Speciality in Neurology from the same esteemed institution in 2011. Beyond his academic feats, he fortified his credentials by attaining Board Certification in Neurology from the revered Iranian National Board of Neurology in Tehran in 2011. This distinguished recognition under-scores his profound knowledge and skillfulness, attesting to his proficiency in diagnosing and treating complex neurological disorders.

His exceptional reputation as a beacon of excellence continues to shine brightly, leaving an indelible mark on the medical community and the lives he touches. His commitment to advancing the field of neurology has elevated him to a position of high regard among both fellow physicians and grateful patients, a testament to his unwavering dedication and profound impact. Currently, Dr. Ehsan’s expertise graces the corridors of the International Modern Hospital in Dubai, UAE, where he serves as a distinguished Specialist Neurologist. In this pivotal role, he brings his wealth of knowledge and clinical acumen to the forefront, leaving an indelible impression on the hospital’s commitment to delivering world-class patient care. Beyond his clinical pursuits, Dr. Ehsan has donned the mantle of an esteemed educator, solidifying his legacy as a true visionary in the medical realm. His tenure as an Assistant Professor of Neurology at Yasouj University of Medical Sciences speaks volumes about his dedication to shaping the next generation of medical professionals. At Yasouj University, he played a pivotal role in sculpting the educational landscape, directing and organizing the educational curriculum for the neurology ward. Through his visionary leadership, he fostered an environment of intellectual curiosity and academic rigor, nurturing the growth of young minds and future leaders in the field.

Dr. Ehsan’s role as a Neurologist exemplifies a steadfast commitment to providing comprehensive and patient-centered neurological care that transcends conventional boundaries. With a meticulous approach, he undertakes thorough examinations that delve into the intricate nuances of each patient’s condition, ensuring a holistic understanding of their unique neurological landscape. This diligent methodology serves as the cornerstone upon which he crafts tailored and effective treatment plans. His expertise extends across a diverse spectrum of neurological diseases, encompassing but not limited to headaches, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, movement disorders, stroke, and painful neurological syndromes. His mastery extends beyond conventional diagnostics, encompassing an impressive array of specialized techniques that further elevate his proficiency. His adeptness in interpreting EEG and EMG-NCV results underscores his prowess in unraveling the intricacies of neural signals, enabling him to unlock insights that guide precise treatment strategies. Furthermore, his deft execution of lumbar punctures showcases his surgical skill and diagnostic acumen, adding an additional layer of precision to his diagnostic toolkit. In a realm where precision and innovation intertwine, Dr. Ehsan has honed his craft in administering Botulinum Toxin injections. This pioneering approach underscores his commitment to alleviating the burden of various neurological disorders, ranging from dystonia to migraine headaches and reflects his relentless pursuit of enhancing the quality of life for his patients. Additionally, his mastery of EMG-NCV and Transcranial Doppler Sonography (TCD) accentuates his ability to navigate the complexities of neurologic conditions.

Dr. Ehsan’s impact transcends the boundaries of clinical practice, extending into the realm of pioneering research and scholarly contributions that enrich the field of Neurology. His dedication to advancing medical knowledge is palpable through his prolific output of 20 articles, meticulously crafted and published in esteemed international neurological journals. These articles have not only garnered widespread recognition but have also been cited by an impressive count of 400, a testament to the relevance and significance of his research in shaping the landscape of neurology. A true luminary in the academic sphere, his scholarly accomplishments are underscored by an impressive h-index of 11 according to Google Scholar. This metric speaks volumes about the depth and impact of his work, signifying that his research has resonated widely within the scientific community and beyond. His contributions have not only expanded the boundaries of neurology but have also contributed to the collective understanding of neurological disorders, fostering potential breakthroughs and innovative approaches to treatment. Dr. Ehsan’s prowess and dedication have been acknowledged on multiple fronts, with the “Physician of the Year 2017” accolade bestowed upon him by the esteemed Medical Council of Yasouj.

Dr. Muhammed Aslam

Welcome to the epitome of pulmonary care in Dubai, where expertise meets compassion with Dr. Muhammed Aslam. Recognized as one of the best pulmonologists in Dubai, Dr. Aslam brings over a decade of experience and a stellar academic background to redefine respiratory health.

Educational Journey Dr. Aslam’s journey began with an MBBS from Government Medical College, Calicut, India (2003-2008), followed by an MD in Pulmonary Medicine from Pariyaram Medical College, Kannur, India in 2015. His commitment to continuous learning is reflected in his credentials, including MRCPS(Glasg) from the UK and a PGDip in Respiratory Medicine from South Wales University.

Diverse Clinical Experience Having practiced in various hospitals across Southern India, Dr. Aslam is well-versed in addressing pulmonary challenges in both rural and urban populations. His expertise encompasses a broad spectrum, from bronchoscopies to critical care management, covering areas such as allergies, asthma, respiratory infections, pneumonia, sepsis, bronchitis, tuberculosis, and sleep apnea.

Academic Contributions and Achievements Dr. Aslam’s contributions to the field extend beyond clinical practice. With over 15 journal publications, he has showcased his extensive knowledge. His accolades include the ICS Talent Search Award and the first prize in the pulmonary quiz at “PULMOPARIYARAM 2015.” A true academician, he has chaired, organized, and participated in various pulmonology-related events.

Mentorship and Training Dr. Aslam’s passion for medical academia is evident in his role as an educator, where he has trained and educated numerous doctors and medical students. As a respected judge in research competitions, he continues to inspire excellence, earning multiple honors and awards along the way.

Choose Excellence, Choose Dr. Muhammed Aslam Experience world-class pulmonary care in Dubai with Dr. Muhammed Aslam. Embrace a healthier tomorrow with a pulmonologist dedicated to your well-being. Book your consultation now and embark on a journey to respiratory wellness.