Dr. Shaju George - Specialist Psychiatrist

Dr. Shaju George

Specialist Psychiatrist
Languages Spoken: English, Malayalam Types of Physician: Full Time
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Dr. Shaju is one of Dubai’s Psychiatrists with almost 20 years of practice. He is exceptional in managing any mental health concern as his primary objective is always the wellbeing of his patients. Dr. Shaju has done his MBBS in 1997 from the government medical college of Calicut University, Trichur, India. Following undergraduate medicine, he has finished an MD and DPM from Kerala University’s government medical college, Kerala, India in 2004. Amongst his exceptional credentials is also a specialization in Aviation Medicine, a much less practiced science, making him one of the very few people to offer the speciality.

He has a vast body of experience in various institutions in India like the Louise Mount Hospital in Kerala, Lourdes Hospital, Kerala and with his own private practice in India. In the UAE, Dr. Shaju has worked with NMC, Medeor Hospital, Dubai and finally with our reputed facility in Dubai. He has extensive experience with psychiatric wards, managing psychotic and mood disorder patients as well with ease. Besides psychiatric practice and therapeutic practice, Dr. Shaju has also been the Unit Chief of Psychiatry, managing a team of psychologists, mental health nurses, spiritual counsellors, social workers and emergency staff for mental disorders as well as training new doctors under his wing.

Dr. Shaju is not only an effective psychiatrist but also a well-established academician with numerous publications and regular appearances behind the mic at conferences and even on the radio. His passion for psychology and medicine works exceptionally well for our patients as he is also highly empathetic and understands what his patients truly feel. His approach with medication is always tailored exactly to the needs of the patient in consideration as he follows a gradual and conservative pharmacotherapy plan.

Dr. Shaju is proficient in Child and Adult psychiatry for all ages and genders. His area of expertise extends from typical psychiatric evaluations and pharmacotherapy to performing therapeutic models like CBT and all different approaches of psychological interventions for mental illnesses. Among the multitude of disorders and ailments he can treat are depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, autism, ADHD, panic disorders, personality disorders, and eating disorders to name a few.

A goal to treat all suffering and add quality of academic excellence to the field has always kept him motivated. His outstanding communication skills and ability to connect with the patient has led to success with testimonials and google reviews from patients who have come out of their mental health problems.


  • MBBS, Govt medical college, Calicut University, Kerala, India
  • MD, Govt medical college, Kerala University, Kerala, India
  • DPM, Govt Medical College, Kerala University, India
  • Aviation medicine, UK


  • Consultant Psychiatrist and Unit Chief, Mount Louise Hospital, Kerala, India
  • Consultant Psychiatrist and Unit Chief, Lourdes Hospital, Kerala, India
  • Specialist Psychiatrist, Lifeline Clinic, Dubai, UAE
  • Specialist Psychiatrist, GMC Clinics, Dubai, UAE
  • Specialist Psychiatrist, NMC Royal Hospital, Sharjah
  • Specialist Psychiatrist, Dubai Community Health Centre, Dubai


  • Fellow of Indian Psychiatric Society


  • Psychiatric consultations for Child and Adult
  • Couple Consultation
  • Psychiatric assessments for different disorders
  • Pharmacotherapy aid for mental disorders
  • Therapeutic aid for mental disorders
  • Approaches offered
  • -> CBT and other integrated approaches if required by the patient
  • Treatment for disorders like
  • -> Depression, Anxiety, OCD, ADHD, Autism, Phobias, Panic Disorders, Personality Disorders, Schizo-phrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Addictions etc