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Why Infant Immunization Is Essential

Immunization, also known as vaccination or vaccine shots, is a way to protect an infant against harmful diseases since their body might not be strong enough to fight them on its own. Infants are more prone to catching any kind of diseases, hence, infant immunization has become very important as more and more diseases are being found. 

Nowadays, parents are becoming more aware of the different ways in which they can protect their child’s health from the start. Immunization is a common method that many parents turn to in times of need. Not only does immunization protect the children from deadly diseases, but it also eliminates any potential risks. It is always advised to consult a pediatrician before exposing your child to any kind of vaccinations.  

Sometimes parents believe they do not need to get their child vaccinated against rare diseases despite what their pediatrician would tell them, and that is a risky thing to bet on. You can not guarantee whether your child is going to contract a disease or not, so it is always better to be safe than sorry. 

When Does Your Child Need Immunization?

Your children will need vaccines in different stages of their life, but the most important stages are when they are newborns until their bodies become fully developed to fight on their own. Around the time after their birth, they will receive 3 doses of a vaccine that will protect them against Hepatitis B, a virus that can cause the liver to become extremely swollen and can prove to have long-lasting complications. It is recommended that your child receives vaccines from ages 0-6 and then yearly flu shots after that. 

Benefits Of Immunization

Immunisation helps your child by protecting them against dangerous diseases and makes their body stronger. Not only are you going to be protecting your child from temporary illness but also making sure that they live long safely enough.  If your child is protected from diseases, then, as a result, you are protecting a whole community by stopping the diseases from spreading.  

Difference Between Vaccination and Immunization

Immunization and vaccination are intertwined together as one of them involve the other. Vaccination is when a vaccine is inserted into your body through an injection. Immunization is the process that your body goes through after the vaccine has been injected into the body. Your body issues an immune response when it is triggered by the vaccine. This method makes your child’s immune system stronger and helps it fight the disease. 

Tips On Immunization 

Immunization involves side effects as well. The side effects may include soreness and swelling in the place where the injection was inserted and fever. It is best to consult your child specialist so that you can be aware of how serious the symptoms are. It is recommended that you keep a record of all the vaccinations that your child receives so that the doctors can be sure that a vaccine is not being given to the child repeatedly. 

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