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Sports Injury: When Should You See a Doctor

Sports injury hardly spares anyone. You may be a regular fitness freak or a weekend runner- sports injuries are bound to happen at some point or the other. You may be in two minds about seeing a doctor when such an injury happens. In this article, we will provide you few guidelines to help you decide when you should seek medical help in case of a sports injury.

Consistent Pain and Aches:

Regular pain and aches pose a constant discomfort in your daily life. Every time you go for that jog and run, that constant pain in the ankle is no double a headache. When the pain becomes a part a parcel of your regular exercise, you might consider seeking the help of a medical professional. Sometimes, the only time you will feel the pain is during and immediately after you exercise or engage in any outdoor games. Chances are, it will not impact your daily routine activities.

This type of injury is more commonly known as an overuse injury. So far you do not notice any swelling, bruise, limited physical activity or locking in your joint, you would be good without seeing a doctor. While caring for overuse injury, you have to be careful and watch out for anything serious. Put an ice pack, brace it while exercising, take painkillers like Ibuprofen and let it rest for a while when you can. In spite of all these methods, if your overuse injury does not heal when you would expect it to or if any of the above mentioned symptoms surface or persist, it is time to seek medical help.

Serious Injuries:

In the middle of a football match if you injure yourself or strain your ankle while running, it is not a regular overuse injury. If such an injury occurs, you might have swelling, discoloration, pain, numbness and you will be unable to walk normally. There might also be bleeding or a bone misalignment. In case of a serious injury like this, it is advisable to see a doctor right away. The doctor will do a physical examination and for proper diagnosis will order X-rays. Depending on the type of injury, the doctor might also provide a cast, splint or boot. Some serious injuries may also need Physio Therapy for proper healing.

Which Doctor to See:

Sometimes your injury will land you straight to the emergency room, but for other times you can choose the doctor you want to see for your sports injury. If you are a part of an organized sports program and play in a football, cricket or basketball team, you may have a team physician to attend to you. Otherwise you can choose the doctor whom you would like to see.

Although most family physicians are our first choice for basic injury care, it is advisable to consult an Orthopedic Surgeon who specializes in Sports Medicine.

When you are living an active life, injuries are bound to happen. It is important to determine which kind of injury needs medical treatment and whom to approach so that you are better prepared for an emergency.

At IMH, we have a highly qualified team of Orthopedic surgeons managing all kinds of orthopedic cases and sports medicine. The department has an outpatient clinic and 24/7 emergency services. Our Physiotherapy department has dedicated and highly qualified physiotherapists who work with the department. We would be happy to assist you in case if you need our support! For fresh injury and revision ligament  surgery you can meet our expert.

Dr. Gaurav Prakash Singh, Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon