MYTHS AND FACTS OF LASER HAIR REMOVAL - Best Private Hospital in Dubai Al Mankhool | IMH Dubai


MYTH: laser hair removal has not been safe.
FACT: It is absolutely safe to do the lasers with FDA Approved machines after consulting certified Dermatologists. It has to be done by skilled or trained laser technician.
MYTH: Laser hair removal exposes you to radiations and thereby can be a risk for causing cancer.
FACT: Lasers approved by FDA do not emit radiation ,thus no risk of radiation exposure and no risk of cancer at all.
MYTH: Laser causes burns.
FACT: While it”s rare and temporary,Burns from laser can occur particularly if you have dark skin though its rare and it’s absolutely correctable.
MYTH: Lasers are too much painful to endure.
FACT: Some people might feel discomfort ,while some can have pain,but with advanced cooling systems ,pain is not very much now a days.
MYTH: You can get discolored from laser hair removal treatment.
FACT: Lasers won’t change your skin colour.
MYTH: Laser can grow more hair after the treatment.
FACT: Laser can not grow the hair if it is done in a properly selected patient with optimal required laser parameters .
MYTH: You can get hair removed forever and completely.
FACT: After the required sessions of lasers,Hair will be very thin,sparse and will take very long time to grow again compared to earlier.So Maintenance sessions are needed every 4-5 month.
MYTH: Laser hair removal is done only for women.
FACT: Laser is not only a female thing,can also be done for men.More and more men are opting for it now in Razor bumps,ingrown hair,beard shaping,chest,neck,back,arms etc.
MYTH: You cant get lasers done in Summer.
FACT: It can be done in summers also.Only Use of sunscreen is always mandatory post procedure.
MYTH: All lasers are equal.
FACT: While many lasers are available now a days in the market,but not all produce the same results.Our team at IMH uses BIOS FROM ITALY(Nd:yag ALEXANDRITE MIXED)technology to give the fast and the best results so far.