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Language Problem or Late Talking?

 Our parents are smart. They are really concern about their child talk and how he / she communicate. They also listen to his or her peers who are at same age and may compare what older brothers and sisters did at the same age. This is how our parents mentally compare their child’s performance with other children. They immediately create an impression of whether the child is developing speech & language at normal rate or not.

st3If parents feel that development is slow, they check their impression with the other parents, relatives, and their pediatrician. You probably get an answer such as Oh!! Don’t worry, he / she will outgrow it. Look at my child she was so quiet and now she is a chatter box, give him/her time.

But…… suppose he / she doesn’t? Even after giving adequate time. 

st2You would feel guilty waiting and then finding out that I should have acted earlier. Waiting is so hard, why we have to be frustrated at last . We want the best for our child. What’s a parent to do?

But……. You’re not sure of what to do.

st1It’s hard to say the exact age when they hit speech and language milestones. It varies a lot on factors such as the child’s inborn ability to learn language, other skills the child is learning, the amount speech and language input he/she gets. and how others respond to his/her communication attempts .

Do you praise him/her? Listen to him/her carefully?

These factors can slow down or accelerate the speed of speech and language development of our children. Be aware of the certain factors that may increase the risk of late-talking child in the 18 to 30 month old age range even with normal intelligence.

The sooner The Better

If you are concerned about your child’s speech and language development, you should see a speech-language pathologist. The speech-language pathologist may suggest on early intervention program with follow up sessions. It’s important to have formal therapy sessions in case of severe problems.

Do you really want to wait for him/her to outgrow???Don’t leave a chance which leads you to feel guilty that I would have done with everything I could