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Routinely people feeling dyspepsia and indigestion are consulting doctor and taking medications. Many patient taking medicines over the counter first considering dyspepsia is normal. But, dyspepsia and indigestion can be alarming symptoms of your inside pathology.Indigestion And Dyspepsia

Here in IMH, Dubai, a 52 year old male, resident of Pakistan, attended hospital with symptoms of bloating of abdomen and burning in upper abdomen, for 1 year, for which he was taking antacid and medicines off and on. He consulted Dr. Anoop Kumar Joshi, Specialist Gastroenterologist in IMH, who did his Helicobacter pylori test which was positive. Then he did Gastroscopy which revealed swelling, erosions and tiny ulcerations with thickened fold in the fundus of the stomach. Overall picture is suggestive of Gastritis only, but, Doctor felt it was not a routine gastritis. So he took biopsy. Biopsy report suggestive of a rare type of cancer that is MALOTMA (Mucosa associated lymphoid tissue) Lymphoma. Worldwide and in UAE, very limited number of cases has been reported.Indigestion And Dyspepsia Can Be Sign Of Cancer
This disease is a type of cancer and this is caused by bacteria that is Helicobacter pylori. 14 days of medicines may eradicate bacteria. This treatment can give cancer free life up to 75-80% of the cases.
After 14 days, H. pylori laboratory test was repeated and the result was negative. Patient symptoms improved completely. He had a follow-up with the Doctor once again. He also advised to consult Cancer Specialist. This patient gives an insight that simple symptoms of dyspepsia and burning in abdomen should not be treated blindly and patient should go at least once consult Gastroeneterologist to rule out any major disease.
GastroeneterologistH. pylori can be detected by simple laboratory test and Gastroscopy. H. pylori can cause serious abdominal problems with simple symptoms of indigestion diseases like ulcers and cancers. In International Modern Hospital, the facility for detection of H. pylori and treatment of ulcer and associated cancers are available with simple tests of H. pylori and Endoscopy.