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How to help my toddler (between 1-2 years of age)?

What does the toddler understand?

  • Her his receptive vocabulary is increasing day by day
  • The child points to pictures in a book when you name them, and also (s)he points to a few body parts when asked(nose, eyes, tummy, head).
  • She or He follows simple commands like push the chair, don’t touch, it’s hot, wash hands and understand simple questions (where is daddy, what is your frock, who is bunny).
  • Their interest shift from singing songs or say rhymes to simple story telling.
  • Your toddler now likes to listen to simple stories over songs.
  • This is the stage where you become exhausted with repeating the same story, game, rhymes many many times. But (s)he wants to listen the same again & again.

What does the toddler speak?

  • His/her expressive vocabulary keep increasing.,(s)he accumulating more and more words as each month passes.

  • (S)he can even combine 2 words and questions like mama ball, what is that, give me chocos, more chips, all gone, doggie ,daddy poo(car).

How to help my toddler?

Talk to the child while doing household things, going out or performing any activity. For an example Baby is going to bathe, run the tap. Water is coming ( put toys in the tub)Duckie is swimming, push push dickiee. Second example. I see a doggie, Doggie is running. It’s a big dog, Doggie says bow wow .Keep your language grammatically correct and easy to imitate. Talk about present activities what the child What does the toddler understand?sees around him/her. Use rhymes such as jonny jonny yes papa. Encourage the child to say hahahahaa/aaaaaa with you. Associate the object with sound e,g introduce the clock to the child, t-t-t-t-t clock, ding- dong- ding-dong .pi pi pi pi daddy car. Make him listen to the sounds of objects and create a sound associated with the object. mow mow mow mow cow. Use the sound like p-p-p-p-, m-m-m-m-, b-b-b-b-b, brooo-brooo, grrrr- ggrr while bathing, playing with toys, pampering him/her. These sounds will help him to learn better in preschool and kindergarten. Expand on words what the child says, for an example, if (s)he says car or sound likes car. Expand on words saying oh! yes it is a CAR, Biiig CAR, Big red CAR! Show the child big colorful picture book with large pictures. Name them, read aloud and talk about the picture. Wait your child to explore the picture, Ask him/her what is this and you answer. Make him/her point to picture Repeat the same several days. You would be surprised one day hearing(s)he names the picture.