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Glaucoma – the ‘sneak thief of sight’

Glaucoma is a serious eye condition that can cause blindness. It damages the optic nerve, which carries information from your eyes to the visual center in your brain. This damage can result in permanent vision loss. The most common type of glaucoma has no early warning signs and can only be detected during a comprehensive eye exam. If Undetected and untreated glaucoma first causes peripheral vision loss and eventually can lead to blindness. Glaucoma is caused by higher than normal pressure inside the eye. By the time you notice vision loss from glaucoma, it’s too late. The lost vision cannot be restored, and it’s very likely you may experience additional vision loss, even after glaucoma treatment begins.

What are the Types of Glaucoma?

  1. Angle Closure Glaucoma : The drainage angle is too narrow or begins to close, impeding the normal outflow of aqueous humor.
  2. Congenital Glaucoma : Some children are born with a defect in the drainage angle that prevents the aqueous fluid from exiting the eye normally.
  3. Secondary glaucoma : Develops due to complications of certain conditions (eg: Trauma, Diabetes), Side effects of medications or because of other eye conditions.

What are the Symptoms of Glaucoma?

• Blurred vision
• Seeing colored rings around lights
• Eye pain
• Headache
• Light sensitivity
• Redness in Your Eye
• Nausea and vomiting in later stages

How is Glaucoma Diagnosed?

• Detailed medical History (including family history)
• Tonometry –Eye pressure check
• Pachymetry – Corneal thickness check
• Perimetry – Visual field test
• Optical Coherence Tomography- Optic Nerve scan

Who is at the risk of Glaucoma?

• Age- People over 60 are at increased risk of glaucoma
• Eye Problems-Chronic eye inflammation, Trauma, thin cornea
• Family History
• Medical History-High Blood pressure, Heart disease, Diabetes
• Use of Certain Medicine-Corticosteroids for extended periods

How is glaucoma Treated?

• Medications- mild to moderate stage
• Surgery- severe stage

Can Glaucoma be prevented?

Glaucoma can’t be prevented. But it is still important to catch it early so treatment can begin in the early phase that will help prevent it from worsening