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Key  Points :-

  • Feeling good makes you healthy.
  • Chemistry of body and mind interacts.
  • You can’t buy happiness – it is free!

When you  feel  happy, your body chemistry acts in ways  that make you feel  better able to cope with pain and stress and to ward off  illness. Some volunteers visit hospitals where they  make patients smile and laugh. Their visits are eagerly anticipated by both patients and  staffs , who say they make their world look brighter. It is all about feeling better in oneself and having an optimistic outlook.

We all know of those  who are  faced with adversity  or sickness, unemployment or just bad luck. For them it is a major challenge to keep optimistic and cheerful. It may be that,  they need an external catalyst to help them do so. Effects  of happiness on your health  are enormous and when you smile you certainly draw people to you rather than push them away .The fact is that if you are happy, you are likely to live longer and more satisfying life.

Many people work because they have to; but not many go to work  because  they just love what they do. There is no doubt that performance and productivity would be 100 per cent if  “work is love” made visible n words of famous poet, Khalil Gibran. When you care  for those in your family , they feel loved,  reassured and secure. So why can’t  it be the same  within  the  company which is also a family. Of course, this is not easy particularly at times of restructuring; but, the challenge is upon everyone to try to introduce a feeling of community in their work place. This will ward off pressure at work to a great extent.

Few steps to feel Happy:-

  1. Use Self Talk: When you have negative thoughts, talk to yourself as to how you could re-frame them  into positive emotion. Think of what you do have, not the things that you have not.
  2. Help others: Give your time to others less fortunate than yourself and by doing so, you give additional meaning to your own life.
  3. Enjoy the environment: Instead of walking around with your eyes closed, look at the natural beauty that is around you.
  4. Talk to others: Indulge in conversation in a sincere and genuine way. By listening others, you will also gain.
  5. At the end of the day, don’t just sit and watch the TV. Spend time playing with the children or go for a walk with the family or friends.
  6. Exercise or play some sports: A sure way to beat sadness  and depression is to stretch your body physically, because your mind also benefit at the same time. Body and mind go together. There is a chemistry, they interact each other to an extra ordinary degree.
  7. Having right attitude. If you only see doom and gloom, that is what there will  But if you see positive aspects of that are going on in your life and build on these, then your  whole  personality can change overnight.
  8. Enjoy fun: Just sit and watch some  funny show or film with your friends or children and enjoy a good laugh. Laughter is a good medicine that will make you instantly better.


Dr. (Mrs.) Remadevi Unnikrishnan