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Common Summer Diseases In Children And How To Prevent Them

Summer is a season that most children enjoy. Kids love playing under the sun and enjoying several fun activities with their friends. Since children are very active, they need to be watched over. However, not all parents can look after their children 24/7. And now that summer has come, it brings with it risk factors that can place your children’s health in jeopardy.                  

Having a sound knowledge of the common summer diseases that children can catch will enable parents to prepare better in safeguarding their kid’s health. In turn, children can enjoy the summer at its fullest without the risk of catching any of the following illnesses:

Food Poisoning

The hot weather during the summer provides the optimal temperature for bacteria to grow and multiply. If parents are not careful in handling food, they place themselves and their children at risk of food poisoning. Even if food is handled properly, children can experience food poisoning when personal hygiene is not practiced. Parents should teach their children to frequently wash their hands every after any activity.  

Pertussis or Whooping Cough

This is a highly contagious respiratory disease that’s usually at its peak during the summer season. This disease causes incessant and uncontrollable bouts of coughing that are often violent. Whooping cough makes it difficult for children to breathe. 

The treatment for Pertussis depends on the severity of the child’s symptoms, age, and, overall general health. For this reason, it is best to consult a pediatrician to receive the proper supportive care and treatment. In general, antibiotics are used to help curb the spread of the bacteria.        

Heat Stroke

Anyone can have a heat stroke, especially for children who are not wearing the right clothes for summer and are doing a great deal of physical activity such as playing outdoors. In some cases, children experience heatstroke when left trapped inside a car on a hot summer day. 

Heatstroke can also happen when children do not get enough hydration or proper rest. To prevent this, pediatricians advise on letting children play during the cooler parts of the day, avoiding going outside at times where the sun is at its highest- usually between 12 noon to 3 pm. 

Prickly Heat 

This is characterized by pink or red rashes that are found on a child’s upper body- particularly the head, neck, and shoulders. Otherwise known as heat rashes, these are very itchy and uncomfortable. During hot and humid temperatures, the pores can get blocked and trap sweat underneath it, this causes prickly heat and is very common amongst children. Pediatricians say that the best way to prevent heat rash is to avoid activities that cause excessive sweating. Wearing airy and loose-fitting clothing is best when going outdoors.

Prevent Summer Diseases With A Healthy Lifestyle

Preventive measures are always the best cure when it comes to any kind of disease or illness. Teach your children proper hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. Encourage them to get used to a diet packed with fruits and vegetables to help boost their immune system. Establishing a routine visit to your pediatrician is important as well. If your children are experiencing anything concerning their health,  consult with our pediatricians at IMH to provide them with the right treatment.