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With the aim of sharing knowledge and supporting innovation, research and development IMH has formed a dedicated unit called ‘Taleem’. Education is one of the few things that constantly updates & evolves as it ages. Ignoring it within the fields of medicine & healthcare magnifies the situation considerably. Led by pioneers and experts, ‘Taleem’ (Arabic word which means ‘To educate for life’),represents an educational venture aimed to develop one’s personality, keep them continually educated and at par with the latest advancements and technology in order to provide the highest levels of services no matter what the field. Taleem facilitates the following:

A group of Internal Consultants & External Practitioners coming together to share a common platform to promote, showcase the advancements within their field of choice for better patient treatment.
Another learning perspective for Doctors to understand potential medical breakthroughs in patient treatment & care.

A specialty within the IMH Banner, where live training at the Operation Theater is provided by Laparoscopic Surgeons & other leading consultants in the field of Laparoscopy & Gynecological Surgeries

A continual training program initiated specially for nursing staff to keep them aware of the patient requirements, operational requirements, doctor’s surgical techniques & personal growth.

Primarily carried by the HR team within the Hospital, it is aimed at polishing the skills of an individual. For all fields, to learn to fill up the strings of the field and establish oneself under the able guidance of a leader.

At IMH, it has been our constant endeavor to bring the smile of good health on every patient, that which can only be made possible by educating oneself continually & provide a higher level of service and care (Patient Delight) as compared to the patient’s last visit. Going the extra mile to ensure a superior experience, the Patient Relations department staffs Guest Relations Executives (GRE) who are responsible for hand holding patients throughout the care process.

Internships / Observerships: IMH partners with a number of local educational institutions and universities in offering internship opportunities for students. Interns are normally rotated through the various departments and units within the hospital and also have the opportunity to interact with the doctors to gather invaluable insights and experience which would expand their knowledge and guide their future.

With due approvals from the authorities, IMH also allows Observerships for visiting doctors who express an interest to observe surgeries/procedures which they may be seeking to add to their expertise or merely out of academic interest so as to recommend as appropriate for patients under their care. Observerships represent another mode by which knowledge and expertise is shared and thereby enhanced.