Dr. Unnikrishnan Thamarassery - Specialist Otolaryngologist (ENT)

Dr. Unnikrishnan Thamarassery

Specialist Otolaryngologist (ENT)
Languages Spoken: English, Malayalam & Hindi Types of Physician: Full Time
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Dr. Unnikrishnan Thamarassery is a proficient and versatile ENT Specialist with a rich and diverse background in healthcare. With extensive experience in both India and the UAE, he has honed his skills and expertise in providing top-notch medical care to patients from various walks of life. Having completed his MBBS from the prestigious Government Medical College of Calicut, India, in 2001, Dr. Unnikrishnan laid a strong foundation for his medical journey. He continued to excel in his field by obtaining an MS in ENT from the renowned Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College of Aligarh, India, in 2006. Notably, Dr. Unnikrishnan’s pursuit of excellence led him to international avenues, where he further expanded his knowledge and qualifications. In 2013, he successfully completed MRCS ENT from Edinburgh, UK, adding a valuable global perspective to his expertise. Moreover, he achieved a remarkable milestone by clearing his fellowship under the European Board in Otorhinolaryngology in 2015, solidifying his position as a highly regarded ENT Specialist internationally.

Dr. Unnikrishnan’s journey in the world of medicine spans across different countries and healthcare settings. His years of experience in the UAE and Oman from 2008 to 2013 have undoubtedly enriched his expertise as a specialist ENT Surgeon, and being associated with the esteemed Badr Al Samaa Group reflects his commitment to providing quality healthcare in collaboration with reputable partners. Back in India, Dr. Unnikrishnan’s professional footprint extends to renowned hospitals like KMCT and Thankam Hospital in Kerala. His dedication to teaching as an assistant professor at KMCT Medical College showcases his passion for passing on his knowledge and skills to the next generation of medical professionals. Beyond his role as a surgeon and educator, Dr. Unnikrishnan’s contributions extend to training paramedical personnel, a crucial aspect of building a well-rounded and efficient healthcare team.

Dr. Unnikrishnan’s pursuit of excellence doesn’t stop at academics; he has taken the extra mile to undergo more than 15 specific training programs, making him a true master of his craft. From short-term rhinoplasty to endoscopic skull base surgery, and from balloon sinuplasty to cochlear implants and temporal bone dissection, Dr. Unnikrishnan’s dedication to specialized training has made him a go-to expert in these complex procedures. His expertise extends to tonsillectomies, adenoidectomies, parotidectomies, snoring surgeries, laryngeal surgeries, thyroidectomies, neck abscess draining, septoplasties, turbinoplasties, polypectomies and myringoplasties.

As a fellow of the European ENT Board and a distinguished member of The American College of Surgeons, he has achieved recognition and respect at an international level. Also, being a well-respected member of the Medical Council of India (MCI) further reinforces his reputation as a leading authority in the field of ENT.


  • MBBS, Government medical college, Calicut, India
  • MS ENT, J.N. Medical College, Aligarh, India
  • MRCS ENT, Edinburgh, UK


  • Specialist ENT Surgeon, Medeor Hospital, Dubai, UAE
  • Specialist ENT Surgeon, Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals, Muscat, Oman
  • Specialist ENT Surgeon, Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals, Sohar, Oman
  • Specialist ENT Surgeon, Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals, Dubai, UAE
  • Specialist ENT Surgeon, Thankam Hospital, Kerala, India
  • Assistant Professor, KMCT Hospital, Kerala, India


  • Fellow of European ENT Board
  • Fellow of American College of Surgeons
  • MCI India


  • Diagnosis and surgeries for ear, nose and throat diseases
  • Removal of foreign body substances from ears, nose & throat
  • Polyp Removal or Polypectomy for regions of the head and neck.

Surgeries & Procedures for the Head and Neck

  • Micro-Laryngeal surgeries for benign vocal fold lesions, vocal fold scarring & vocal fold cancer
  • Drainage of neck abscesses
  • Tonsillectomy
  • Managing post tonsillectomy bleeding
  • Thyroidectomy
  • Submandibular sialoadenectomy
  • Adenoidectomy
  • Parotidectomy

Surgeries & Procedures for the Nose

  • Treatment for snoring using CPAP machine, decongestants or nasal dilators
  • Managing epistaxis or nosebleeds
  • balloon sinuplasty for sinusitis
  • Nasal endoscopy for sinus issues
  • Turbinoplasty
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Septoplasty
  • Medial maxillectomy

Surgeries & Procedures for Ears

  • Wax Removal
  • Ventilation tube insertion
  • Myringoplasty and tympanoplasty for eardrum holes
  • Ossiculoplasty or middle ear reconstruction
  • Mastoidectomy