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Dr. Wael Richane

Dr. Wael has over 20 years of rich experience in cardiovascular surgery from reputed hospitals in France, Syria, Poland, and the UAE.

He has performed more than 7200 cardio-vascular and thoracic operations of different types and in different situations (elective, urgent and emergent); 4000 coronaries, 1000 valvulars, 700 pediatrics under one year, 500 thoracic, 1000 vascular.

He has worked as Consultant Cardio-Vascular Surgeon with various Hospitals such as

Al Sharq Hospital – Fujairah, UAE
High Technology University Hospital – Tbilisi, Georgia
Private Hospitals – Damascus, Syria
American Hospital – Paris, France
Center of Heart Diseases – Zabrze, Poland
Al-Assad University Hospital – Damascus, Syria
Tichrin Military Hospital, Syria

Dr. Upendra Shah

Dr. Upendra Shah is one of our most experienced and renowned Cardiologists. He has mastered performing Coronary Angioplasties and Angiographies with a record of over 10,000 procedures throughout his career. Dr. Upendra completed MBBS in 1980 from the very reputable Topiwala National Medical College, University of Bombay in Mumbai, India. Following which, in 1985 he has obtained an MD from the same institute and consecutively a DM Cardiology in 1988.

Dr. Upendra has achieved true excellence in Interventional Cardiology with over 40 years of clinical experience at several premiere healthcare facilities. He has practiced in hospitals like the Hinduja National Hospital which is a popular household name in healthcare in India. After moving to the UAE, he practiced at multiple super speciality facilities and several famous hospitals in the region where he has successfully handled workloads of nearly 2000 cardiac procedures a year.

Being an exceptional practitioner is not all for him, he is also a brilliant academician with more than 10 international publications in the field of cardiology and modernization of medical practice. His academic achievements are a testimonial to him being actively updated of innovation in healthcare and new trends in interventional cardiology. Alongside practicing, Dr. Upendra has headed the department of cardiology at some of his past workplaces and has also mentored and trained many young doctors. He is exceptional at managing his patients both low risk and high risk with his team of nurses and anesthetists.

Out of the broad skillset and expertise Dr. Upendra possesses, Coronary Angioplasties & Stent Implantations are a regular area of practice for him. He is highly skilled in management of emergencies like heart attacks and heart failures, and provides management for issues like chest pain, palpitations and heart rhythm disorders. His goal has always been to improve the quality of life for his patients and their families.